X Factor’s Simon Cowell admits he and Cheryl Cole had a ‘horrible time’ but takes credit for her career

Simon Cowell has admitted that he regrets sacking Cheryl Cole from The X Factor USA.

The music mogul persuaded the former Girls Aloud star to leave the UK version of the show last year, to join his new American series but just a few weeks in to filming, he decided that she wasn’t comfortable enough on screen and removed her from the panel of the show.

In a new interview with GQ magazine, the TV boss revealed that if he had the time travelling powers of Doctor Who, he would go back and ‘reverse’ his decision to let her go, as the move resulted in the almost ruination of their friendship.

He told GQ:

“If I could reverse time it wouldn’t have happened. It was an in-the-moment decision where you put your producer’s hat on. I just thought she was more comfortable on the UK show. She was hurt. It all ended pretty badly, to be honest.”

However, the music mogul still thinks Cole has a lot to be thankful for and owes him a large debt of gratitude, after all he claims it was him that propelled her into the spotlight in the first place, by offering her a role on The X Factor in 2008.

He added:

“Even though we went through that pretty horrible period, I could look Cheryl in the eye and say what I did for her in those two years propelled her into a different league. I always said to her the door is permanently open. It’s entirely up to her what she wants to do.”

Relations seem to have improved between the pair in recent months and while they didn’t speak for a long time following Cowell’s snub, Cheryl and Simon have been cheekily messaging each other on Twitter this month.

In happier days......

She also insisted this week that she never found her one time boss ‘creepy’, after the author of his unauthorised biography claimed that the X Factor boss had lusted after the young beauty, while she treated him like a plaything.

Cole is set to release her third solo album “A Million Lights” on the 18 June 2012, with lead single “Call My Name” being released on the 10 June 2012.

Watch a preview below….

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